Dixie Clothing

Dixe Clothing

Repurposed with love.

       Here at Dixie Clothing we believe in making quality fashions that do no harm to the planet we live on.

   Dixie Clothing started in April 2013, by founder Katrina Hillyer. When entering the fashion world, she was discouraged by the amount of waste produced by the industry. Feeling helpless, Katrina didn't want to contribute to the problem, so instead she has decided to use her designs to create a solution. Up-Cycling has become a true love. Taking unwanted textiles and transforming them into functional new wearables. 

  Up-cycling is great for re-purposing textiles but it doesn't stop there. We have created a ZERO waste studio. Currently we are diverting 100-200 lbs of textiles a week from landfills and hope to divert many more throughout the years. We use as much of the textiles as we can, and the ones that are no good or too small, are then shred up for compost. The inspiration for composting the textile waste was inspired while Katrina was working on an Organic produce farm. We hope in a few years our compost can be utilized in tree nurseries. So by purchasing our goods, you can be happy to know our clothing leaves no negative impact to our planet.

   We are based out of Edmonton Alberta, Canada, and are inspired by the abundant green spaces available in this beautiful country. With the fashion industry being the second largest polluter in the world, we would like to do our part by reducing waste and helping protect green spaces all over for everyone to enjoy. Together we can create an industry that is sustainable for everyone.